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About Pabrik Bags

100% Bio-degradable & Eco-Friendly

PABRIK BAGS, has been formed with the intention of catering to the sustainable environment management industry.
We bring under our roof a variety of products and services to create a sustainable future. Recognizing the benefits,
opportunities and the need in the market for an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to plastic, cloth and paper carry bags, PABRIK bags has created a clever and unique product solution – “Pabrik” bags, an innovative light
weight paper layered with cotton for producing shopping bags.
Compared to paper, plastic and market alternatives, PABRIk bags are more durable, lighter, bio-degradable and
ideal for reuse


The Revolutionary Innovation – 100% Bio-degradable & Eco-Friendly

  • Pabric, an innovative and unique blend of paper and fabric ( International patent has been applied for) was
    developed as a revolutionary alternative to plastic and existing packaging materials.
  • This unique blend was manufactured through consistent research and development, with many successful batches and prototypes developed over the years.
  • Addressing the shortcomings of the popular materials, Pabric based carry bags are cost-effective and biodegradable with enough strength and longevity to hold a variety of household goods.
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20 to 40% Cheaper Than Cotton & Paper Bags

Strong & Durable

Thing & Lightweight

Environmental Friendly

100% Bio-degradable

22 inch height ( 56cm)
18 inch width ( 46cm)
6 inch Guesset

15 inch height (39cm)
13.5 inch width ( 34cm)
5 inch Guesset

22 inch height
12 inch width
No Guesset

14 inch height (36cm)
9.5 inch width ( 25cm)
2 inches Guesset


15 inches height (38 cm)
11 inches width (28cm)
5 inch Guesset

16 inches height
12 inches width
5 inches Guesset

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